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Getting Things Going in Hickory

I had the pleasure of meeting several volunteer Chamber of Commerce board members Monday evening at the First Impressions presentation in Hickory. The community is fairly compact with several tradional downtown buildings and a nice greenspace. A real challenge--as is the case in many small, rural towns across America--is to aggressively look for ways to revitalize their downtown area.

A destination furniture store is located downtown in several buildings. Folks from all over the state and from other states frequent the store to shop. Highway 80 used to be the major east-west corridor prior to Interstate 20. Highway 503 connects Hickory with Decatur just up the road.

I applaud the grassroots volunteer efforts underway to make things happen in town. A grant received a few years ago enabled a walking track/park to be built adjacent to the old school that closed a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately, the school grounds have fallen into disrepair for the most part. I hope the community's leadership and residents can band together and figure out a creative use for this property.

Hickory's future will be a brighter one if the elected officials and the residents work together towards a single vision and attainable goals for the town and work tirelessly to engage folks in the process.


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