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February 9, 2010

Healthier Schools

Making the case that green schools are healthier schools. According to an article in the October 2009 edition of School Planning & Management:

[Carnegie Mellon] reviewed two studies examining the impact of improved air quality on colds and flu, and found an average reduction of 51 percent in buildings with improved air quality. Carnegie Mellon also reviewed five separate studies showing an average reduction of 38.5 percent in asthma in buildings with improved air quality.

A link to the article:


Designing for Earthquakes

The tragedy in Haiti is a reminder that earthquakes can strike outside the Pacific Rim and Italy. Because of its proximity to the New Madrid fault, northwest Mississippi is in a fairly high earthquake risk zone. Furthermore, earthquake risk across the Delta region of our state is higher than usual due to the potential of the Delta soils to "liquefy" under a seismic load. See this link from the USGS:


For an overview of earthquakes and schools, follow this link from the National Clearinghouse of Educational Facilities:


EDI Studio Visits Two Schools in Texas

Taking a chartered bus from Starkville, the EDI Studio (Instructor Chris Cosper, Professor Jane Greenwood, Mr. Larry Morgan, 18 fourth-year architecture students, and 16 senior interior design students) traveled to Dallas, Texas, on February 4-6. While in the Dallas area, the EDI studio faculty and students visited the Career and Technical Education (CTE) center in Frisco and Booker T. Washington High School in downtown Dallas.

Links to the schools:



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